Felt-Sense Awareness

Originally posted 18th October 2018

Felt-Sense awareness is a focus on the subtle sensations available to you.

The good the bad the ugly.

The core of my work is my not so mini obsession with felt sense awareness.

 I want to show you how important it is to become aware of the sensations in the body.  And I will talk about the benefits of feeling everything the body has to offer. And how this is for greater body experience.

In todays society we are sold quick fix pills and seating ways to numb out the bad, unfortunately I will talk about the dangers of this in terms of numbing the all. There are also 3 really important parts to this whole to understand. 

1)Awareness of thoughts

2)“Feel good” -body felt sensations

3)“ Feel bad”- body felt sensations

I will use good and bad as posing opposites for description

1.Awareness of thoughts. You are not JUST your thoughts.  You are MIND,BODY & SOUL.

moving from the mind to the body. 

You know when you have racing thoughts and you catch them and you follow them and believe each one. For eg, “they don’t even like me” Or “my partner would hate this” Or  “I need to go to do this, or this person will be unhappy with me “ etc. The thoughts we play over if we don’t tame the monkey mind can rule our life and debilitate us. We are not in awareness of body felt sensation when we are here in the mind. And we miss important body cues.

Allowing yourself to be aware of a thought as part of you but not the only part, is the first step of the 3 points of this understanding.

To move to felt-sense awareness you need to be able to stand back and observe your thoughts. The minute you become the observer you give yourself the power to not jump onto the thoughts. Sometimes a focus is needed to stop the “jumping in and dancing with the monkey in the mind” If it is a scenario and you need to sort it out a problem to solve grab some paper and write it down. Figure out the scenario and then once you have indulged into it. You wouldn’t be making your body work at the gym 24/7. And you sure as hell clean and rest your body daily. So clean and clear the mind by first stepping back. You can not stop thoughts, there is always a thoughts you can however shift your perception to the observer of the thoughts and then you begin the decent into the body. And this takes us to the number 2 and 3 the good and the bad in the body.


2 .The good felt sensations 

The good force us in the body longer. These feelings are heart warms, love and sexual and inspiring feelings. You can access the feel good with a hug or love-making. You can access little tiny good moments all throughout your day if you are super aware and you can train that awareness to be in your body more and more. The subtle sensations available to you are immense and this is what the yogis call bliss, Ananda, and Nirvana. The more experienced  you become the greater the feelings are available to you this is a conscious experience that takes training and awareness. So begin to focus on just the feel good easy ones, like when you hug someone or are happy and feel heart warms.

3. The bad felt sensations 

The bad is very self explanatory we all run from these and this is the most important factor of the entire teaching.

Things like grief, heart break and loss are very real and have felt-sensations and have an effect of the body. Feeling not quite right or the gut feeling are all explanations of this “bad” felt sensation that if we begin to tap into, can guide you intuitively and spiritually. It can also help you to not go for the numbing agents as much. Things like alcohol drugs, pain relief or search out activities to quickly make you feel better.

If you are stressed and you hold tension in your shoulders. If you are not taking time out from your monkey mind stressful thoughts. Your body can start to tense up and create tight shoulders and chronic pains. If you take time out from your mind to feel your body, you might feel the tension in your body in your shoulders. You can then embody this and moving and feeling these tensions would help prevent chronic pain from forming.  Each moment we take out to feel the sensations in our body the better chance we have of not just grabbing something to numb out. But moving the sensations and not allowing them to stagnant in our body.  And from chronic pain. 

Feeling all the feels.

The thing is, these sensations all of them, make our human experience. To not feel is to be well, almost as good as dead.For those of us who want explore the depths of this humanness you really have to take it all the good and bad. You will see as you become more perceptive that there is a lot more available to you once, you get out of your head and into your body. Its not as scary as it sounds.

There is infinite potential in our bodies of felt-sense awareness. And when you start tapping into it all, you wont want to run away from or numb anything. But I say all this with expansion of awareness and acknowledgement we are all on different levels of our journey at what we need to hold and not feel and not. This blog is intended for the journey to begin from out of the mind into the body. To start acknowledging the good and the bad. To understand the basics of felt-sense awareness.




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