Searching if I have dyslexia gives me anxiety, and  emphasis’s the fact, I most likely have dyslexia.

FYI I hate writing dyslexia

I can’t even write the word Dyslexia without taking at least 2 seconds thinking where the keys are yet i’m a fast touch typer, mostly type incorrectly and very grammatically terrible if that even is a sentence.  Seriously who made up the spelling for dyslexia it hurts writing{working} was what my brain actually wrote first. It’s not working for me…. not someone with dyslexia  no doubt.

See, if you read a few of my blogs, you will either learn to sift through the spelling and grammar errors or never read one again because of my issues and i’m ok with that.

Part of my journey that I just cant not share. I love my double negatives,. They confuse people. Not me, my brain it works in circles and everything connects. I go off into so many other tangents and its part of my learning issues from early childhood trauma. Its me and I’ve got to be ok with me, as well. I have to live in this body and if I’m not ok with me then well. I don’t know the answer except this reminds me of shame, guilt and other people hating on me. So I do my darn best to accept myself.

Ok back to dyslexia.

I helped Max Tinkle from harmonicaEssentials  today he is one if the clients i’ve helped with marketing and business today with his email marketing and some basic process like website back end, some SEO and sales funnels. This is the stuff I’ve self taught. I’m not an expert in any marketing area, yet I have knowledge at a level that I used to pay thousands for web design and content that I can now do myself.

  • Basic SEO
  • Plugs ins, widgets,
  • Basic website content creation
  • Sales funnels
  • Email marketing &  automation
  • How to make & sell Ebooks
  • Basic social media

So we had a consult and I tell him today, you know i’ve got dyslexia he said, oh I see now when some capitals are hard for you or some way I see you write. I’m not even sure what he means.

I don’t study dyslexia that much, I do nothing to help myself fix it. I just live with it and still teach myself new skills and keep on keeping on.

The things about dyslexia is, it could be a limitation, yet I’m not allowing it as I have always loved writing, be that if its jumbled or not.

I need to write and I currently have hundreds of drafts on my computer.

I write every single night, I deconstruct debrief most distinct statements or situations that I come across daily. It’s just how I work. And in all honesty the dyslexia (and all my other “conditions”)and the life long shitty abuse I was in, most likely channels my extra learning to human behaviour. Because I couldn’t understand most simple puns intended to make me laugh, I couldn’t understand body language so I went and learn neurolinguistics ..

So here is the low down on this thing~not writing that word one more time…ok maybe a few more.

The SEO for this post is I hate writing dyslexia …. And I found this great post too while I tired to search that into google…

Some common dyslexia signs in adults include:

  • Difficulty reading, including reading aloud
  • Slow and labor-intensive reading and writing
  • Problems spelling
  • Avoiding activities that involve reading
  • Mispronouncing names or words, or problems retrieving words
  • Trouble understanding jokes or expressions that have a meaning not easily understood from the specific words (idioms), such as “piece of cake” meaning “easy”
  • Spending an unusually long time completing tasks that involve reading or writing
  • Difficulty summarizing a story
  • Trouble learning a foreign language
  • Difficulty memorising
  • Difficulty doing math problems
  • more here

Fun facts

Not science based just fun, google validity of my claims and don’t take my advise like i’m a doctor giving you some pills for happiness Ok.

  1. Those with dyslexia _so over writing that word did I tell you I hate writing that word, have a higher than average IQ- yep if I didn’t have dyslexia I would be more than my above average score. I might be genius haha, laughing, as so many times A prep or pre schooler will call out maths equations and I will almost certainly freeze.
  2. You are most likely exceptionally creative, most likely because you had to figure out how to not let anyone know you couldn’t add up the simple equations or read out loud and algebra can go somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. Thank-you

Early intervention in this post is what i’m talking about, and why it’s so important. If I had of had some support. I might not have missed almost my entire year 10 Year at high school hanging out the back with the boys,  to then leave by year 11 and never complete higher education. To only just now as an adult consider a degree. Ok maybe I still would of hung with the boys out the back during maths and english….

Im grateful though, that now helping support people with their diverse learning and social disabilities is becoming more and more prevalent, and accepted. And I can hope to bring some awareness myself to some trauma related learning and social difficulties.



Hope you enjoyed this post it was painful writing it. Cause I hate writing dyslexia.

Honestly if you came here because you wrote that into google.

Please message me, you would make my day.


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