Be more~Bitch

Being an actual bitch is now my spiritual practice. I used to think my sister was a right bItch honestly she talked very little to people socially.  Was not as outgoing as me. Said NO way to much for my liking. And rarely came to family events. This was all bitchy and hostile to me, the one who was striving to be enlightened. 

I wanted all the family to get along, talk to anyone and everyone, and just live in a peace bliss bubble. So I said yes all the time, I Smiled at strangers brought in stray cats, I mean men, stray flipping men… 

And I loved and forgave all

As you will gather from my website theme it done me no justice. 

So now i’m practicing becoming a bitch 

So if a bitch says NO, asserts her self authority to say no when she is at her limits. Or when she doesn’t want to do something. Then I’ll be that.


breakfast……Lunch & Dinner 

Peace out bitches 

Image by JacLou DL from Pixabay


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