Enlightenment is a Bitch

I’m working on being more bitch. After many attempts at striving for the unattainable. Some still believe enlightenment is some place to reach. Others say they are Enlightened. But I’ve tasted the world of denial, lies, manipulation and spiritual bypass to see the big shiny light is full of stardust.

Maybe if I die and I am in that moment fully at peace, what really is the difference, as we all reach death. There are stories over the world of such Light bodies. (Some say when fully enlightened we become one with the universe and become light) But that is just a quicker way to leave the physical body, so I see no amazing feat in becoming a light body. And its kinda a narcissistic  view point in my opinion of superiority camouflaged as Enlightenment.  I don’t believe it is healthy for this physical life, and another distraction/bypass to the human experience.

We are all going to die anyway

I mean we all go to the grave, turn back to stardust and dirt. We all reach this stage, and it seams to me the ones who want it quicker are so far from Enlightened its not funny. You wont know if they are eternally enlightened  or everyone is no matter how enlightened you are now, because no one really knows, we guess. Even your best psychics are using techniques that focus on relational human experiences.

The attainable away from the body  disassociate  to bliss, nirvana state, is easy to get to in meditation, and out of body, drugs and hypnosis. But again this striving for an out of body, dissociative state is a denial of existence, continuously. To deny the bad, and only want the good is a denial of emotions and sensations that define us a  human being.

Striving for equanimity

I did the 10 day vipassana retreat, I sat for 10 hours a day meditating, had no contact with the outside world, and survived 10 days of watching my mind almost try and kill me. Some don’t survive, there are cases people developing psychosis after many intense meditation techniques and spiritual quests. Just do a simple Google psychos and  Vipasana, landmark or any spiritual teaching  and see other extreme cult like experiences have been dangerous for many people. I believe its the extreme, disassociate, derealisation, depersonalisation and thus lack of grounding that facilitates this.  Coupled with regular mundane existence denied and extreme ways employed.

What are the dangers of an extreme view point of equanimity  as preached in vipassana and some “middle way” teachings that deny a “good” or a “bad” experience ?

The Good, The Bad.

In my opinion a denial of good, bad, YIN, YANG, law of the universe. So while we are here. Instead of trying to get out of our body, only feel the good. We focus on things not being so extreme and equanimity teachers observation, but to observe the flow, pain, discomfort for some is extremely painful.

So what is enlightenment ?

Maybe Enlightenment is the acceptance of all in each moment, and it’s not even the shining light that needs any spiritual practice.

I have met people who live mainstream lives, not spiritual and I would class them as more peaceful, more accepting, and more in body, than many higher priests, monks and spiritual workers.

Jeff brown lifts the lid on enlightenment and calls it ENREALMENT. I like his play on words and teachings about being in the body and not trying to bypass the body and sell it as enlightened.

If I have felt that great organism enlightenment feeling when i did my fast for 40 days am I enlightened?

Can I call myself enlightened,. I remember seeing people say, i am enlightened and wondered how you could self professed this state. This all elusive state spiritual workers strive for.

Mainstream Perfection

To me its no different than mainstream, positive perfectionism that kills, abuses and destroys peoples lives,, due to the ever chasing unattainable  perfection sold in media and marketing to women and men. The fake lives, the fake bodies, the airbrush perfect smile, perfect happy wife, life. This is no different to the perfect Yogi life I found myself in.

If I didn’t smile, accept and forgive all I wasn’t enlightened. If I didn’t find a way to move through all my blocks in life and manifest like a pro I wasn’t in sync or as one of the masters of deceit, and spiritual bypass would say, turned in tapped in and turned on… BABY. Dont even get me started about the lies behind the ester hicks empire. And the origins of this gaslighting practice. Couple this with some byron katies quotes and some landmark preaching and you have yourself a spiritual bypasss heaven on a stick. These teachings and many others of the new age cults designed to manipulate control and positively cripple your wallet, with unattainable expectations, and realities. But hey they are famous and are happy and smiling and have reached abundance we can to…….No they are covert narcissist ticking you through gaslighting and positive cult psychology and earn a heck of alot of money from it.


So my friends the story of today is


Enlightenment is a Bitch and so am I…


Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay

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